In Every Generation: A letter from the Rehearsal Hall

From Todd Salovey, Co-Director of In Every Generation
We are now in the 3rd week of rehearsing Ali Viterbi’s In Every Generation, and I am amazed at how nuanced it is.
The play, set at several Passover seders over multiple eras for a family, asks the question, "what is freedom?" Just today, Ron Orbach, who wonderfully plays the father and grandfather, Davide said, "Davide is so happy to be in America. For him being in America means being free. But to his wife Paola, real freedom means being able to tell your story." I love that idea. I actually expressed it at my own seder this Spring – that freedom is being able to tell your own story, and having an audience that wants to listen to it.
Ali’s work is remarkable in many ways, but two things that I keep thinking about are that she is able to have characters express different sides or perspectives of an idea. Both sides are passionate, carefully considered, and beautifully expressed. She also has an amazing ability to take serious issues, and have characters say something about them that makes you laugh.
Our company is having a wonderful time rehearsing this brand new play. Ali Viterbi is one of the most exciting young writers for theatre. As theatre artists, we are now really craving the freedom that will come when we have an audience listening!
We can’t wait to share this story with you – for you, and for us!
See you at the theatre,
Todd Salovey
Associate Artistic Director of the REP
Co-Director of In Every Generation
In Every Generation by Ali Viterbi is playing May 26 - Jun 19 2022 in the Lyceum Space. More info and tickets here.