Upcoming Shows

A Weekend with Pablo Picasso

January 17 - February 06, 2022

Written & Performed By: Herbert Siguenza

Herbert Siguenza’s one-man tour de force returns for a limited time on film, stronger than a bull in a china shop!

The Great Khan

March 03 - 27, 2022

Playwright: Michael Gene Sullivan

Jayden, an African American teenager, saves a girl, Ant, from a sexual assault, which forces him and his mother to move to keep him safe from the boys who attacked her. Following the attack, Jayden and Ant are left trying to figure out how to define themselves in a culture that insists on seeing them as forever dangerous. Oh, and then Genghis Khan shows up.

In Every Generation

May 26 - June 19, 2022

One family. One holiday. Four millennia. The Levi-Katz family celebrates Passover again and again—1416 BCE, 1954, 2019 and 2050 to be exact! While the time, location, and language changes, the traditions stay the same.