Roz & Ray

By Karen Hartman
Directed by Delicia Turner Sonnenberg
September 7 - October 1, 2017 in the Lyceum Space
Powerful New Drama

Roz & Ray tells a profound story of love, trust and sacrifice that grapples with the messy process of healing the human heart. Set in San Diego, this gripping, time-bending story sheds light on a little known chapter in medical history.

Ray is a devoted single parent desperately trying to keep his twin sons alive. Ray is ecstatic when he meets Roz – a brilliant doctor who offers a cutting-edge miracle treatment for his boys. Immediately, the two forge a deep and intimate bond, until they both discover this miracle treatment may come at a great cost.

“The author is a native San Diegan sharing an extraordinary journey based on true events. I am honored to stage her deeply moving play that lets us walk hand in hand with two brave souls on a quest to save the lives of those they love.”
–Delicia Turner Sonnenberg, Director


Hand to God

By Robert Askins
Directed by Sam Woodhouse
October 19 - November 12, 2017 on the Lyceum Stage
National Hit Comedy 

Something devilish is lurking in a church basement puppet show in Cypress, Texas. And his name is…Tyrone. He may look like an innocent sock puppet, but when he infiltrates the angst-ridden church youth group and takes possession of Jason’s arm, all hell breaks loose. Spectacularly foul-mouthed and wickedly scandalous, Tyrone shocks the congregation with his outrageous insinuations, exposing their deepest secrets—and teaching us all about love, grief and what it means to be human. A smash success on Broadway and in London, this darkly delightful and wildly funny comedy is the most produced play in America!

“This play is about me.  I’m the star. This bunch of losers at San Diego REP is lucky to have me.  But they better watch out, because if I don’t get my way I’m gong to trash the dressing rooms.  Anyway, come check me out.  I’m funny when I’m not ruining things…come to think of it I’m funniest when I AM ruining things (EVIL LAUGH).”
–Tyrone the puppet

Note: Hand to God features explicit language.


Black Pearl Sings!

By Frank Higgins
Directed by Thomas W. Jones II
November 22 - December 17, 2017 in the Lyceum Space
Soulful Play with Music

Alberta “Pearl” Johnson has inherited from her African and American ancestors a soulful collection of rare folk songs. Stuck behind bars in a Texas prison for murder, her music is her lifeline to her family and future. Enter Susannah, an ambitious collector of songs for the Library of Congress. To advance her career, Susannah wants to record Pearl singing her extraordinary repertoire. Pearl sees Susannah as a possible escort to freedom. Their story is one of two women tied deeply together by their personal search for respect and love. Featuring over 20 distinctive songs, Black Pearl Sings! is a transcendent tale about the bridges that can be built through the power of song.

“This intimate play with music showcases the great oral tradition of African American music and the importance of the keepers of that tradition. I know audiences will be transported by the soaring music and the redemptive spirit of this inspiring story.”
–Thomas W. Jones II, Director 



Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin

Lyrics and Music By Irving Berlin
Book by Hershey Felder
Directed by Trevor Hay
December 20, 2017 - January 7, 2018 on the Lyceum Stage
Holiday Favorite

From Czarist Russia to New York’s Lower East Side, and then throughout the world, Irving Berlin’s life and music epitomizes the American Dream, and his songs capture his patriotic vision of our country. Experience the stories behind this songwriter’s most popular and enduring work, including “God Bless America,” “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” “White Christmas” and more. Pianist and actor Hershey Felder’s signature creation of character and musical performance will astonish, move and delight. 



By Qui Nguyen
Directed by Jesca Prudencio
January 25 - February 18, 2018 in the Lyceum Space
Contemporary Hit 

This is the story of how Quang meets Tong, how they flee from Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War, fall in love in a refugee camp in Arkansas, take a life changing road trip across 1970’s America and eventually give birth to a playwright named Qui Nguyen (who happens to have written this play). This love story is like no other. Told through the eyes of a very contemporary young American who loves pop culture, this sexy comedy is a mash-up of comic books, hip-hop, martial arts and Hollywood action movies. Acclaimed as one of the most innovative playwrights in the country, author Nguyen embraces two cultures and two time periods using a uniquely infectious style that The New York Times calls “culturally savvy comedy.” 

Where else can you get a new perspective on America fighting the Vietnam War mixed with ninjas, rap, motorcycles, sex, profanities and lots and lots of love? Vietgone is a blast and is a perfect antidote to today’s anti-other rhetoric.” – Kim Heil, Associate Producer

Note: Vietgone is told with explicit language.



By Herbert Siguenza with Rachel Grossman
based on the play Beertown by dog & pony dc
Directed by Sam Woodhouse
March 22 - April 15, 2018 in the Lyceum Space
World Premiere

Mayor Steve Novak invites you, as a citizen of Beachtown, to be part of democracy in action. Bring a dessert for the potluck and join your neighbors for the 100th Anniversary of Beachtown’s Time Capsule Celebration. We will unlock our city’s time capsule to reveal the priceless artifacts inside the capsule that represent the values and history that we hold most dear in Beachtown. New artifacts competing for a place in the time capsule will be presented, debated and voted on by all.  As the Mayor noted at a recent press conference: “The 100th Anniversary Celebration is about breaking down the barriers that divide us and discovering our shared dreams for the future of Beachtown. We need the help of each and every Beachtonian in attendance to help define our ever-evolving community. Come ready to voice your opinion, debate vigorously, and vote proudly.”

Beachtown is a uniquely immersive experience - unlike any other play I have worked on. Each night the audience will determine the result of the Celebration. This interactive play will never be the same twice!
–Herbert Siguenza, Playwright in Residence




Written and Directed by Hershey Felder
May 23 - June 10, 2018 on the Lyceum Stage
A New Play with Music

Nathan Gunn, America’s leading baritone (Carousel, CamelotShowboat with the New York Philharmonic, and many more international operas), is known throughout the world as the first HUNKITONE. A Grammy winner, Metropolitan Opera star, musical theatre star and named by People Magazine as a “Sexiest Man Alive“ –“Naked Opera” started with him. But there’s a whole lot more to this story about a boy who wants nothing more than to please his Dad and who ends up realizing what life is really about.

Written and directed in his signature style by Hershey Felder (Our Great TchaikovskyGershwinBernsteinBerlinBeethoven) Nathan Gunn FLYING SOLO features the true story of one of America’s greatest baritone voices singing selections from classic American musicals, contemporary songs and a little bit of opera fun.




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