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Box Office Hours
Sunday noon - 6pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday noon - 6pm
Wednesday noon - 6pm
Thursday noon - 6pm
Friday noon - 6pm
Saturday noon - 6pm

During performances, the box office will remain open until curtain.
Box Office Phone: 619.544.1000 (lines close 30 mintues before curtain)
Box Office Fax: 619.231.4304
Surround Events

Join us in the lobby of the Lyceum for mixture of entertainment and enlightenment before (and sometimes after) the show. Our SURROUND EVENTS are FREE and open to the public. Click on the thumbnails below to check out the offerings.

Honky 30 Nov, 1:00 PM S
Honky 28 Nov, 9:00 AM S

  • The Pianist of Willesden Lane


    September 03 - October 12 2014
    Lyceum Stage

    Grammy-nominated pianist and storyteller Mona Golabek

    shares the gripping tale of a young girl who holds on to her music in order to stay alive. In Vienna, 1938, a 14 year old piano prodigy finds her dreams of becoming a concert pianist threatened by the looming war in Europe. When her parents buy her a one way ticket to England on the Kindertransport, the children’s survival train, an amazing story of art preserving life begins...

    Adapted and Directed by : Hershey Felder
    more info 
  • Honky


    November 08 - December 07 2014
    Lyceum Space

    Greg Kalleres’ inspired satire centers around a basketball shoe company called Sky Max that traditionally markets toward urban youth. But when a young African American is shot for a pair, sales suddenly triple among rich, white teens.

    By : Greg Kalleres
    Directed by : Sam Woodhouse
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  • Steal Heaven


    January 03 - January 25 2015
    Lyceum Space

    Do you ever wonder if activism is dead in America? Are we afraid to stand up and speak out?

    Maybe it’s time to get a little crazy! This is where bad-boy Abbie Hoffman (played by Herbert Siguenza) comes in. You know about Abbie, right? He was the political and social activist who co-founded the Youth International Party (“Yippies”) on New Year’s eve of 1968. But did you know that this icon of youthful rebellion now serves as the patron saint of radicals? In his little corner of heaven, Abbie conducts a boot camp for activists who have the chutzpah required to go back to Earth to become new agents of change. (Because Lord knows, America always needs a big helping of change!) But where are the radical activists of today?

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  • Oedipus El Rey


    March 07 - March 29 2015
    Lyceum Stage

    In 430 BC, the playwright Sophocles wrote one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the Western world: Oedipus Rex, the tale of a king who from birth was destined to murder his father and marry his mother.

    Contains adult themes, violence, language and nudity.

    By : Luis Alfaro
    Directed by : Sam Woodhouse
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  • Uncanny Valley


    April 11 - May 10 2015
    Lyceum Space

    Chasing immortality by downloading your thoughts and memories into an everlasting human-shaped computer may sound like science fiction, but current research in robotics and artificial intelligence actually makes this possible. The challenge is to get past the “uncanny valley”— the discomfort people experience when seeing electronic recreations of human beings that are not quite believable.

    By : Thomas Gibbons
    Directed by : Jessica Bird
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  • Everybody's Talkin': The Music of Harry Nilsson


    May 15 - June 21 2015
    Lyceum Stage

    Tony Award Winners Gregory Jbara & Alice Ripley in
    The World Premiere Musical Event

    When the Beatles were asked to name their favorite American musical artist at a press conference in New York, they shouted out “NILSSON!"

    Called “the most famously anonymous composer and performer of our time,” this two-time Grammy Award winner (and legendary hell-raiser) is best known for “Everybody’s Talkin’ at me…,” “Can’t live, if living is without you…,” “One is the loneliest number…,” and “You put the lime in the coconut....” Now his special genius has captured the imagination of Steve Gunderson and Javier Velasco - the award-winning team that brought you Suds: The Rockin’ 60s Musical Soap Opera and Back to Bacharach and David.


    Directed and Choreographed by : Javier Velasco
    Conceived by : Steve Gunderson
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