In keeping step with our mission statement, we continue to find new ways to "feed the curious soul". This is the place where you can keep pace with our signature Surround Events. Just in case you could not make it in person, we have preserved these great conversations and interviews for listening at your leisure.








Join the cast of Manifest Destinitis for an open discussion of the work onstage along with comments and questions from the audience. Hosted by The REP’s Casting Director JACOLE KITCHEN. Recorded on September 23rd, 2016.



How much do you really know about the history of “America’s Finest City?” Join Artistic Director SAM WOODHOUSE for an in depth discussion about the transformation of San Diego’s neighborhoods with his guests IRIS ENGSTRAND, PhD, Professor of History at USD and ROGER SHOWLEY, Staff Writer at the San Diego Union Tribune. Listen as they paint a picture of how the geography, culture, and landscape in San Diego have changed since the Treaty of Guadalupe. Recorded on September 22rd, 2016.




Comedy, Politics, and Social Satire don’t begin with Saturday Night Live!  Moliere was tickling the cultural funny-bone way back when.  Join REP Associate Artistic Director, TODD SALOVEY as he talks with Manifest Destinitis adapter and co-star HERBERT SIGUENZA who is starting a three year residency at San Diego REP, along with Moliere scholar and former Chair of the UCSD Department of Theatre, JIM CARMODY and composer and Renaissance man BRUNO LOUCHOUARN. . Recorded on September 15th, 2016.





Sam's Salon: What Is This Thing We Call Love?

Ever wonder where love comes from? Is it mostly chemical? Largely psychological? Can it be captured? Is there a short cut to finding love? Join Artistic Director Sam Woodhouse for a no holds barred conversation. His guests are: sexologist, sociologist and intimacy expert Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus; UCSD Cognitive Scientist and expert on the neurobiology of attraction Dr. Mike Datko; and Dr. Patty Mangini, Clinical Psychologist, Imago Therapist and workshop presenter. Sam’s Salon is Sponsored by Suzanne & Lawrence Hess



Meet The Artists: Ron Campbell

Join acclaimed actor Ron Campbell for a post-show open discussion of his work onstage. Hosted by The REP’s Casting Director Jacole Kitchen.



Sam's Salon: Standing On The Shoulder Of A Giant

R. Buckminster Fuller was famous for his ability to inspire those he taught and worked with to dedicate their lives to the improvement of life on "Spaceship Earth." Join Artistic Director Sam Woodhouse as he hosts a group of devoted and accomplished local doers who have been inspired by Bucky’s philosophy. Sam’s guests are: Bobbi DePorter, President of Quantum Learning Network and the author of “Excellence in Teaching and Learning”; Dr. Brian Keating,Professor of Physics at UCSD; Sheldon Brown, Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination; and Global Energy Network Institute founder Peter Meisen.

Sam's Salon is sponsored by Suzanne and Lawrence Hess




Talkin' Theatre With Todd: How We Birth World Premier Theatre

In our 40 year history, The REP has developed many world premieres that have won local and national awards and gone on to be performed around the country. THE HISTORY (and Mystery)OF THE UNIVERSE is one of the most successful – having been produced in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boston and Washington D.C. Associate Artistic Director Todd Salovey welcomes playwright Herbert Siguenza (A Weekend with Picasso, Steal Heaven and the 2014 SD Theatre Critics best new play El Henry), REP Literary Manager and dramaturg Danielle Ward and Dawn Moore, REP Board of Trustees member and dramaturg to reveal our process of nurturing a great idea into a fully produced REP play.





Talkin'Theatre With Todd: A Tribute To Arthur Wagner

Arthur Wagner was a towering figure in the world of theatre - an exquisite actor, a visionary educator, a peerless mentor and the person who put the UCSD Theatre Department on the map and San Diego REP in the Lyceum! REP Associate Artistic Director Todd Salovey (a former student of Arthur’s) hosts a revealing conversation about Arthur’s creative legacy. Todd’s guests are actress, voice teacher, and close personal friend of the Wagner’s Eva Barnes and REP co-founder and Artistic Director Sam Woodhouse.



REPCast - Meet The Artists : My Mañana Comes with Jacole Kitchen by San Diego Repertory Theatre on Mixcloud

Join the cast of MY MAÑANA COMES for an open discussion of the work onstage with audience questions and comments. Hosted by The REP’s Casting Director JACOLE KITCHEN.



REPCast - Sam's Salon: The Center On Policy Initiatives by San Diego Repertory Theatre on Mixcloud

SAM’S SALON: THE CENTER ON POLICY INITIATIVES Nothing is more essential to the lives of the four busboys in My Mañana Comes than the take home pay they put in their pockets each week. Across America today, the debate over what is a fair minimum wage rages far and wide. In San Diego, the June 2016 ballot will ask us to approve a raise of the minimum to $11.50 an hour by 2017. REP Artistic Director and co-founder SAM WOODHOUSE will host a spirited conversation with Norma Rodriguez of the local CENTER ON POLICY INITIATIVES about this high voltage issue and the possible impacts of the vote on our lives in San Diego.

Sam's Salon is Sponsored by SUZANNE & LAWRENCE HESS



Talkin' Theatre With Todd - My Mañana Comes w/ Delicia Turner Sonnenberg by San Diego Repertory Theatre on Mixcloud


REP Associate Artistic Director TODD SALOVEY sits down with My Mañana Comes director DELICIA TURNER SONNENBERG and scenic designer BRIAN REDFERN to get the inside story of how they took this new script from the page to the stage. This play is set in the busboys' workroom just off the dining room of an upscale restaurant, requiring a special kind of theatrical design and approach to storytelling. Find out the entertaining details.




REPCast Violet - Rep Your Pride: Meet The LGBT Editors by San Diego Repertory Theatre on Mixcloud

We are thrilled to debut our new LGBT Surround Event series with a rare chance to meet the Editors who shape and deliver news in San Diego. Current San Diego Uptown News and Mission Valley News editor KEN WILLIAMS was the editor in chief at San Diego Gay & Lesbian News for five years. MORGAN HURLEY is the editor at Gay San Diego. Learn about the journey each has taken to secure a voice in our diverse community in a conversation hosted by REP Literary Manager DANIELLE WARD.
Sponsored by: GAY SAN DIEGO


REPCast: Violet - Meet The Artists by San Diego Repertory Theatre on Mixcloud


Join the cast of Violet for an open discussion of the work onstage. Bring your questions and comments. Hosted by The REP’s Casting Director JACOLE KITCHEN.

REPCast: Violet, Sam's Salon: Today and Yesterday by San Diego Repertory Theatre on Mixcloud

The quests for equality, dignity, justice, self realization and the resulting conflicts that were central to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s are also central to the story of the musical Violet. REP Artistic Director SAM WOODHOUSE hosts leaders of the NATIONAL CONFLICT RESOLUTION CENTER for a unique conversation that will explore how individuals and communities solve conflicts with civility that fosters dignity and equality.


REPCast :Talkin Theatre With Todd - "Violet" by San Diego Repertory Theatre on Mixcloud

Join REP Associate Artistic Director TODD SALOVEY and members of the creative team for Violet as they share the inside story of the creative process that brought this extraordinary musical to the stage. Todd's guests are REP Artistic Director and Violet stage director SAM WOODHOUSE and Violet music director KORRIE PALIOTTO and Assistant to the Director ADIRA ROSEN.