The San Diego REP Latinx New Play Festival, hosted by the Amigos del REP

August 3 - 5, 2018

The Space Theatre at the Lyceum Theatre

Tickets: Single Reading: $10 | WET Single Ticket: $20 | Festival Pass: $30

The San Diego REP Latinx New Play Festival, hosted by the Amigos del REP, is a celebration of engaging and dynamic new plays by Latinx playwrights from across the United States. Submissions were sought and collected from Latinx playwrights throughout the Americas, representing a wide range of genres, styles and experiences including emerging and veteran playwrights. The festival is highly competitive, only 4 plays out of 112 submissions were selected for the festival. These selected plays will represent work that supports San Diego Repertory Theatre’s mission to generate and sustain a more inclusive community through vivid works that nourish progressive political and social values and celebrate the multiple voices of our region. 




Bad Hombres/Good Wives

Friday August 3rd at 7:30 PM

A Latinx farce set in 1995 in Sinaloa. Don Ernesto, a powerful Cartel lord has hidden away a young woman, Eva, in a convent to be trained to be the perfect wife. Eva has come of age and is handed over to Don Ernesto and his deaf housekeeper Armida, but Eva first meets a handsome young man she quickly falls for, but that young man turns out to be the son of Don Ernesto’s recently murdered rival. The young man mistakenly reveals his plans to rescue Eva to Don Ernesto. Ernesto sends a pair of bumbling hitmen to kill the young man, but the young man’s Banda singing mother stops them and catches Ernesto when he goes in to do the job himself. Ernesto falls for the singer, freeing Eva and the young man to marry



Sunday August 5th at 1:00 PM

Azul is a memory play that traces three generations in two movements. When Zelia, a lifelong New Yorker, faces the loss of her Cuban-born mother, Yadra, and her own sense of identity in the process, she digs into her legacy and uncovers the story of her mother's beloved aunt. While the family fled Cuba at the time of Castro's revolution, their tia-abuela remained on the island for the love of another woman.




The Book of Leonidas

Saturday August 4th at 1:00 PM

Lenny is a Dominican-American hustler selling loosies on the same street corner in Queens that his father, Leonidas, used to rule over as legendary crime lord in the '70's. From his loosie profits he supports and lives with his repressive mother who derides him for not living up to Leonidas' criminal legacy. Lenny finds an escape while working on his graphic novels until he stumbles into love with a pretty white girl, Lindsey. As their relationship deepens, the pressure of who he wants to be and who he was meant to be, careen into a final conclusion.







Bees and Honey

Saturday August 4th at 3:00 PM

Bees and Honey is the unraveling of a love story. Manuel and Johaira have been together for almost a decade. Meeting young, at pivotal moments in their lives, they fell in love and got married. Although both were raised in the “‘hood”, each had different perspectives on how their experiences affected their choices. Johaira, a smart young lawyer from a working class immigrant family has always been an independent spirit that gets things done. Manuel, is an entrepreneur on the rise with a mechanic shop that is on the cusp of expansion. Both have ambitions and dreams that they hope to achieve together. But the funny thing about life is that as much as you make plans, life finds ways to change them. Johaira lands a career defining case that rocks her confidence and has her questioning her husband’s will to adopt a more feminist way of thinking. Manuel’s business is flourishing and growing, but when his mother falls ill he has little choice but to care for her, adding more tension to things at home. When tragedy strikes, their love for each other is tested.




WET: A DACAmented Journey

Saturday, August 4th at 7:00 PM

A Festival Showcase Production by Alex Alpharaohis the story of what it means to be an American in every sense of the word except for one: on paper. It chronicles the story of Anner Cividanis' Journey of living his whole life in the United States as an undocumented American. The play captures the desperation that DREAMers feel when considering the very limited options of adjustment of status, by being forced to navigate through a broken U.S. Immigration System. The play examines the mental, emotional, and psychological hardship one man has to endure in order to secure his livelihood in the only home he has known: Los Angeles.

WET: A DACAmented Journey is written and performed by Alex Alpharaoh, directed by Kevin Comartin, and produced by Liz Ross. The play was originally developed as part of the True Story program at Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA.































































Thank you to everyone who participated, supported and attended
the first annual Latinx New Play Festival!



Past Performances

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Manifest Destinitis, which originated in Amigos del REP

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Please note San Diego Repertory Theatre is happy to accept scripts by Latinx playwrights. Please see our opportunities page for details on how to submit a script

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